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Be Honest

Marcus Sheridan from The Sales Lion recently did a Ted talk about being honest and transparent in business. I completely agree with his message. It is surprising that even today, when we are more connected than ever, with information at our fingertips, that some individuals and businesses still decide to conduct themselves dishonestly. Yet, the advantages of being honest towards your customers constantly outweighs the benefits of being dishonest or shady, in all aspects of life, at least from my personal experience.

If you’re into anything for the long run, using shady maneuvers for short term gains will most likely always end up biting you in the… The sad truth is that some might not even realize it, blinded by the short term wins, they fail to see the larger long term gains that they are robbing themselves from because of their actions. I often choose a service or a product from a company I feel is being honest and transparent with me who genuinely have my best interest at heart with regards to said service or product, even if it costs more than if I went with another company.

Being honest builds trust and trust sales. We should all strive to be more honest and transparent in our professional life as well.

Here’s Marcus’s Ted talk: